Just Short of The Line

How many times do you see it when athletes are required to do some running or physical activity they turn just short of the line or don’t go the full range with an exercise. If you add that over the number of runs or reps they do in a session, then add that over a number of sessions in a week, month and a year and possible even more. Not only do they add in a numerical value, but show a representation in the personality of the athlete themselves and what they are willing to do in order to achieve their goal.


What are people willing to do to get to the top? Are they prepared to do more that what is required? Are they willing to go to the next level / beyond the next line? If athletes are to give themselves the best chance of achieving their goal / dream they need to avoid shortening the distance to success and make sure they go all the way. This is what will define the personality of an athlete.

Why do I draw attention to this topic? There is a growing concern where athletes believe that their natural ability will get them to the top, they believe that they don’t need to work hard because they are naturally gifted (a fixed mindset). This is reinforced with the environment and the type of feedback that is provided to these athletes by parents, teachers and coaches. For the long-term effect the environment and feedback is a critical in the mindset of these young athletes. If an athlete is consistently told how good they are, without associating any success to hard work, why is there a need for them to go all the way to the line?

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