My coaching approach is driven and supported by encouraging and motivating players to take responsibility for their long-term learning and development. To be able to work effectively and successfully with players in this manner, building rapport plays a critical role.  An excellent way of developing trust is to work closely with players to identify the most appropriate intervention they require to quickly learn and develop. My methodology enables players to share and identify as to whether they require teaching or coaching.

Coaching sessions

Delivering coaching sessions that work on specific principles of play and my approach focuses on decision-making practices. With players placed under pressure from an opponent, time and space and the continual processing of before, during and after.  The sessions are age appropriate and specific to the demands of the game (Game related), with multi-directional movement. They are challenging for the individual player, fun and enjoyable whilst still learning.

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Individual Position Specific Coaching

Delivering sessions that are specific to the individual positional needs.  My approach is to coach the player within a session that is tailored to their individual needs and the demands of their game. Also, working with players returning from injury. Managing their return on the pitch with specific coaching sessions that fall in line within their rehab program. I take a holistic approach focusing on player’s awareness, movement, decision-making, skill, and emotional elements.

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Pre-Pre Season Coaching

Providing sessions for players from all levels to train in preparation for the new season. Working alongside professional staff who have worked in the Premier League and the Championship. Delivering a program of work which is football specific and ‘designed for purpose’ to give players the best opportunity to return to their clubs in an advantageous position.

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